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We help address these risks for boards and senior leadership teams :

Culture, Engagement, Social Responsibility and Technology

Governing bodies in the UK, Canada, Japan, the EU, and the United States place these four in the top five concerns for boards and C-Suites now and for the foreseeable future.

We help organizations…

o understand, oversee and influence organizational culture,
o engage your workforce
o understand, articulate and leverage your ESG responsibility
o evaluate, manage and moderate technology risk
o develop and articulate strong strategies and plans
o manage transformative change

Engaged boards seek to be more independent in discharging their duties related to cybersecurity risk, distributed ledger technology, and other emerging technology opportunities. We help boards to adopt a mature technology stance.

We work with the C-Suite and management teams to effectively assess, guide and implement the transformative change necessary as organizations re-evaluate their core purpose and ESG strategies.

Strategic Planning

We help boards create and maintain strategic plans quickly, efficiently and meaningfully.

Board Training and Education

•Employee Engagement

•Cyber Security



•Succession Planning

•Strategic Planning

Interim Leadership

When you need to ensure an effective transition, its important to take your time selecting the right permanent leader for your organization.  A rushed decision is often not the most effective solution long term.  With a very strong track record as a leader I can ensure that you maintain a stable and effective team while you take the time to select the right leader for the long term.